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Song Surgeon Annual Support Plan (per year)

The annual support plan provides for ongoing support after your 1 year (or 2 year for Pro) free support period that comes with your purchase has expired. This plan allows you to open an unlimited number of Incident Support Tickets throughout the year. This plan will be set up as a recurrent billing and will be billed annually. You may cancel it at any time.*

Cancellation of your annual billing plan will result in a pro-rata refund if it has not been used. If you have requested support during the period the plan has been in force, the refund amount will be reduced by $19.95 per incident submitted to our help desk, and then pro-rated. If you have submitted two or more incidents during the support plan period then there will be no refund.

Song Surgeon Single Incident Support (per incident)

Incident Support is defined as needing help with a specific point in time. For example "How do I use the Editing function to cut a section out of a song”. This becomes the incident on which we will work with you to fix. Once that incident is addressed or resolved or fixed that incident is closed. A month later if you encounter the same issue again, or if a different issues arises that you need help with, this is defined as a separate incident and will require another Incident Support Session.

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